The FIR Advantage

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  • aCore Principles

    Everything we do is backed by our commitment to discretion, integrity, loyalty and highly personalized service.

  • bBoutique Firm

    When a client retains us, they are getting the best of our entire firm – not just an individual partner or department head. One individual might be the account manager, but everyone is deeply involved.

  • cGlobal Outlook

    With a flexible and agile staff of senior consultants, we are able to operate globally and provide clients with timely and actionable advice no matter where they are based.

  • dExclusive Relationships

    Over the course of the past 25 years we have built a network of trusted influencers whose expertise can be leveraged to help advance the goals and objectives of our clients.

When faced with high-stakes situations, when getting it right is the only option, organizations need a partner who can help them strategize, communicate and execute.

First International Resources is the strategic communications firm with the capabilities, expertise and reach to provide your organization with the tools it needs.