International Political Consulting

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We have a winning track record of over twenty years in advising political candidates and parties in countries across the globe.

Our CEO was one of the pioneers in adapting the best practices from US elections for international political campaigns.

By combining political know-how with local knowledge and understanding, we are able to provide sharp, strategic insight to ensure that a candidate or campaign manager makes the correct decisions even during the most stressful moments of a campaign.

For example, a newly formed political party in a European country retained FIR to help raise its national profile and attract support ahead of a parliamentary election.

Guided by extensive public opinion research, we identified key challenges facing the party and determined that building positive brand awareness and equity could not be achieved via traditional, mass-market political advertising. To overcome this challenge, we built a set of microtargeting models that allowed the party to focus on voters at the individual level and conducted pilot programs enabling further refinement and targeting of messaging.

The party successfully utilized the models in all facets of the campaign, not only meeting the threshold needed to enter parliament, but nearly doubling its share of the vote. Building on the success of this campaign, the party further solidified its standing with strong showings in subsequent local elections.