Attitudinal Research

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We conduct political style attitudinal research, not traditional market research analysis, to create a blueprint for a client’s external communications efforts and messaging campaigns.

Through our research, we identify the messages and arguments that will resonate best with key target groups and provide the statistical rationale for a specific strategy.

Often, these survey results can be used as a lobbying tool in communicating the client’s position with select stakeholder groups including elected officials, the media, the general public and NGOs.

For example, a leading American NGO commissioned FIR to conduct an unprecedented global public opinion study of anti-Semitism, publicize the findings, and create a website to serve as a media portal and online repository for the data.

We designed and coordinated a survey that consisted of 53,100 interviews across 101 countries, conducted in 96 languages and dialects. We developed a proprietary indicator that made it possible to compare adherence to anti-Semitic stereotypes among various countries and regions – resulting in the only global benchmark data resource of its kind. We then designed a fully interactive, bilingual website and implemented a strategic communications campaign to promote the findings on traditional and social media.

The release of the study generated massive media attention, including a front-page story in The Wall Street Journal. Publications around the world continue to cite the study when reporting on anti-Semitism or global public opinion research, and FIR received the In2 SABRE North America Award for “Original/Commissioned Research for PR,” which recognizes innovation in the area of public relations and strategic communications.