Government Relations

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We provide clients with timely and penetrating insight into how government policies, legislation and political processes impact specific business interests.

Through our intimate knowledge of Washington, DC and major European capitals, we assist clients in navigating the complex political landscape and developing strategies to effectively manage political realities.

Our team of consultants has assisted clients in securing government contracts, generating political support and effectively educating government officials in areas of vital business importance.

For example, FIR was recently retained by an American oil and gas firm involved in a dispute with the government of a European state. We were asked to lead a full-scale effort to generate support among United States government officials responsible for crafting U.S. policy toward that state.

Working with the client's communications and lobbying teams in Europe, we developed and coordinated an outreach program to educate target audiences in Washington, D.C. about the unlawful treatment received by our client and its local partners. We prepared messaging and talking points, arranged meetings with key members of Congress and U.S. executive branch officials, and organized background briefings with several leading U.S. media outlets. We also advised the client on establishing a crisis management team to coordinate all aspects of the outreach strategy while maintaining the agility and proactive stance needed in such a highly contentious legal situation.

Our work led to the client receiving strong support from U.S. officials, including U.S. Secretary of Commerce and the U.S. Ambassador to the nation involved in the dispute. As a result, the nation's government chose to make no further moves against the client. Shortly thereafter, an election brought to power new, more business-friendly leadership in the European nation, effectively ending the dispute.