Corporate Communications

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Increasingly, corporations are subject to heightened public exposure from governments, the media, interest groups and even individuals empowered by new media technologies.

This new reality impacts all aspects of business, including ongoing operations, new transactions, corporate credibility and governance, shareholder value and public opinion.

We employ sophisticated messaging strategies that protect reputations, advance business objectives and generate maximum public support.

For example, when a major multinational oil company engaged FIR to develop a comprehensive strategy to establish its brand in the American market we began by undertaking an ambitious research program aimed at gauging the potential impact of our client’s foreign roots on consumer sentiment in the U.S.

Utilizing proprietary data, we then developed a dual-track strategy focused on altering consumer perceptions and mobilizing improved attitudes to impact the views of influential opinion leaders. Our strategy encompassed all external communications, including the client’s marketing, media relations, government affairs, and investor relations, all of which worked together to enhance brand equity.

Ultimately, hundreds of gas stations were successfully converted to the client’s brand. During his visit to the U.S., the president of the client’s home country took part in a ceremony to dedicate the opening of the first station – organized by us and covered by all major TV and print media outlets. We then helped develop a highly visible advertising campaign further strengthening the client’s profile in America.